Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sabbotages Us

You lied to me
When you said to me,
"I don't love you".
You say, "Someday..."
You leave with, "Maybe..."
And yet you embrace me now.
Be honest with your heart.
The lies are ripping me apart.
Look into my adoring eyes,
And say you don't.
Say you won't.
You can't.
I'll say it, then,
Just like I do...
I do love you.
Maybe I can
Love just enough
For us both... maybe.
I do deserve much more.
I wait outside a door
That you may never open.
And if you finally do,
Will I be spent and through,
And ruined for love?
I try to run from this,
And all I do is
Dream of you.
I can't escape.
This love you hate so much,
This body that you touch,
It's mine.
Don't let this die.
Okay, I'll let you run.
You're right. The fight is done.
But when you awake alone,
No matter who is beside you,
Remember this:
The walls you build
To defend your soul
Blockade the love
You're aching for.
Your need for control
Sabbotages us.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Disarm Me

I am back to the old me... can't seem to stop writing and singing and playing lately. There is so much pent up passion in me, and I have no idea where it is coming from, nor why. So much emotion lately. So here's one of my latest... just thought I would share it.

"Disarm Me"

You charm Me
Disarm me
You awake in me
Desires to be free.
You take me
Into ecstacy.
I see you
At night as I sleep.
I call to you
In a vivid dream,
But in awake hours
Silence does steal
My resolve to
Let go and feel.
Sometimes I
Imagine us there.
Those times I
Pretend that you care
Enough to
Break down these walls
And teach me
To consciously fall.