Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Morning Prayer

Lord, you know my heart.  You know my past, present and future.  You know best, and I trust You.  Help me to only follow your way and truth as I navigate through this day.  Grant me a spirit of love... grace... help me to reflect You in all I do and say.  When fears arise,  I will claim your comfort and peace.  When negative thoughts arise, I will claim your joy.  When hardships arise, I will claim Your victory.   For my husband and children, I ask Your protection and favor.  Grant our family Your wisdom.  Your will be done in our lives, not our own.  Please, show us your will in every situation we encounter, big and small, and grant us the wisdom and strength to follow.  Through valleys and on top of mountains, God, I declare Your ways are higher and greater, and I will follow You.  Thy will be done, only.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

"What If Each Kiss?"

What if each kiss were more than a momentary,
Blissful break from being too far away,
But rather, each kiss continued for multiple hours of
Perfect normalcy; and the brief pause from kissing
Lasted only long enough for Lover’s to miss each other
Before resuming the basic, compulsory act of
Breathing in each other’s air,
Body to body, heart to heart and lip to lip?
That is how it feels to me each and every time
You look into my eyes, or smile, or breathe,
Or simply exist… or kiss me.  This how it feels:
Your kisses are like air when I am suffocating,
Salve when it burns, and an unquenchable flame
In a dark world, filling me with hope and warmth and life.
It is not a question.  It is my heart pondering merely
The delightful necessity of your sweet kiss.

                             ~for my FiancĂ©~