Sunday, October 28, 2007

For Breauna and Caleb...

I miss you both immensely,
From the bottom of my soul
It hurts my heart intensely
That my family is unwhole
And all the things you go through
In your “other life”, I know,
Have taken smiles away from you
And taken a heavy toll
Upon you, precious angels.
I wish I could shelter you
From those attempts to strangle
All the beauty that’s in you.
But please know I am praying
With all the might in me,
And please know I am fighting
To at last see you set free.
I call upon you angels
Who will guard, protect and love.
And in the name of Jesus,
You’ll have all that you dream of.
For all you truly want, my dears
Is what God wants for you…
A loving home, stability;
A life that’s fresh and new.
You are my little babies,
And you know you’ll always be.
Please know how much I love you
Even when you’re not with me
Caleb and Breauna,
This mom’s heart is broken now
To see the pain you go through,
So this is my solemn vow...
I will forfeit, fight and sacrifice,
And give all that I have
To give you lives of peace,
For I ache to see you sad.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Romance: Reminiscence of Recklessness

So many pursuits in life
That time’s swift to evade.
Looking back on all the love’s
Grown cold and gone away,
I recall how passionate
I was to win that race.
At finish lines, I always cried
For time that I did waste.
Reflections on emotions felt;
How opposite I feel
To all that need, to all that want.
Now, all of that’s unreal.
The only love I desperately
Want now to pursue
Is You, my God, for I can see
No love compares to You.
Perpetually, love lets me down
I’m accustomed to pain.
It bothers me not anymore.
I’ll never love in vain.
You’re all I want and all I need.
And I will let it die:
The part of me that did believe,
Compromise, and deny.
Romance is for fools who think
That fairytales exist.
I have all the love I need.
I have not one more wish.