Friday, March 22, 2013

"Paint a Masterpiece"

Every new day is
A new chance to win,
A new chance to choose;
A chance to begin...
To change the things that
You are able to change...
To release the norm;
Grasp what once was strange...
To speak the words that
Yesterday left unsaid...
To abandon fear;
Embrace peace instead...
To find a new home in
Quiet gratitude...
To make choices that
Reflect the true you;
The you that is love...
The you that is light...
The you brave enough
To outlast the night.
So, take on this day
With resolve.  Release.
Your canvas is new...
Paint a masterpiece.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spiritual Things

So much of what goes on around us is unseen.  In my personal observation, it seems that most people do not take the time to acknowledge or contemplate the spiritual side of life.  I read that a recent poll showed that under 25% of the population in the U.S. identifies as spiritual in some way (but not religious)  ...less than one in four people in America!  I wonder what the percentage would be for the rest of the world's population? It is mind boggling to me for any being with an intellect not to contemplate such things.  How can any of us even live and breathe without seeing the evidences of God?  A Creator?  The author of Faith and Love and Life?  It is so evident and all around me, that even if I were to attempt to deny it, it would be impossible.  I cannot look at the sky, or a meadow, or a stream or a snowflake without seeing God.  I cannot look into the eyes of a child, hear the rush of an ocean wave or smell the fragrance of the forest without feeling God.  Those evidences are huge, but then add to them the intricate workings of our anatomy, biology as a whole, photosynthesis and reproduction to name just a few.  There are so very many complex and detailed systems within our world that could never be adequately described by osmosis or sufficiently explained away as an accident.  And then what about phenomenons like miracles?! ...Those literal and very personal miracles I experience on a continual and increasing basis  ...Prayer upon prayer upon specific prayer being answered in my life; prayers that seem almost preposterous to even have the audacity to pray, and yet my God answers them!  How can I not think about God and the spiritual on a multiple-times-daily basis?

Life is not just wealth and jobs and friends and fun and however success might possibly be defined.  Life is about so much more than that.  Do those things matter?  Yes, I suppose they do, depending on your personal value system, but they pale in comparison to the bigger picture of what is life.  I see life as made up of four general and somewhat broad parts:  The physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.  I work diligently to keep ALL areas of my life healthy.  Just because something is not tangible or palpable in the present does not mean that it is not.  I guess that is where faith comes in.  And in my personal experience, as I have become more and more in tune with the spiritual me, it is becoming less and less enigmatic, distant and pie-in-the-sky-ish.

My relationship with God is not merely perceived, but is an active knowing.  It is not just a hope.  It does not feel anything like a long-distance relationship with a sweet sounding pipe-dream.  It is not wishful thinking.  It is!  My relationship with God feels more to me like being wrapped in the arms of unconditional love.  It is a yearning to give as much love as I have to give back, and to the best of my human ability (though it pales in comparison to God's capacity to love).  It feels like a warm blanket of security... like breathing in peace... grace incarnate ...truth at it's deepest level.  And it is wonderful.  Beautiful. I am so thankful that I was created as a being who has a spirit, and that God has created within me a desire to understand, embrace and grow that spiritual side of me.  That He loves me.  I am grateful that He has been so patient with me as it has taken quite a while for me to accept His love with all four parts of my being, regardless of the fact that I cannot fully comprehend that Love. I am beyond thankful that God is helping me to finally grasp that there is nothing I can do about it!  Nothing I can do to earn it.  Nothing I can do to ruin or diminish it.  His Love just is.  And it is mine.  It is yours too.  I just hope that you are one out of the four people who realize it.  If not, it is my job to tell you.

Awaken to God's Love.