Thursday, January 29, 2009


You know precious little about me.
You're caught in the middle of a fantasy and a dream,
And fairy tales, they do come true only to knights in shiny suits,
And I fear love will never come to you.
I'm caught on the outside looking inward
At a heart (through darkened windows) so in need,
But there is nothing I can say. Your tainted views get in the way,
And I fear you'd not see it if it came...
And shouted, screaming mad, just to be heard,
And doubted, feeling sad; misunderstood,
All wrapped up in a twilight reverie.
Semantics are all that could set it free be, feel, loved for real.
I'm grateful for the cold quiet you gave,
And the chance to let the truth assault me to my face.
Destiny is calling me. It's not just some sick, slanted dream
To know that I have already been healed.
I've tried so hard, selflessly as always
To fit the shards into a perfect puzzle piece.
Enlightened by my codependency,
Semantics are what finally set me free be, feel, loved for real,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why why why why why why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Your Bed"

I feel deceived.
I feel relieved.
I am in pain.
But I feel free.
You criticize.
No compromise.
Constant attack.
You never would
Just let it go.
My past was always
Present so.
I was "used up"
And "incomplete"
And "not enough...",
You said, "...for me."
You cut me down.
I risked so much!
Now I recall
Each tender touch,
And each harsh word,
Each cold silence;
Recall it all,
With such violence.
Now I am done!
I'm spent and worn
My love was true,
Thus, I am torn.
But I must let
My lover fly.
Please, don't return.
Just let it die.
For we are not
I felt the love.
I'm letting go.
It's not enough
This time, I fret.
You've made your bed.
Now lie in it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Too Far Away"

You've been my song
When I've had no breathe.
You've been my shield
From uncertain death.
You've been my shelter
When storms threatened me.
You've been my refuge
When life rings defeat.
But lately, these battles
I fight on my own,
For you cannot fight them
When so far from home.
You have left me here to
Remember the day
When I could fall into
Your arms and be safe.
I know it's not fair to
Expect, want or dream
That you would uproot and
Run so hard to me,
Surrounding me with your
Strong arms and deep soul,
And make me feel happy
And finally whole.
I am being selfish.
Yes, weak is my faith.
My love, I just miss you.
You're too far away.