Thursday, December 11, 2008


"My Invisible Foe"

I am tired of throwing pity parties.
I am tired of running away.
I am tired of rebelling.
I am tired of fighting an invisible foe.
I am desperate for healing.
I am yearning for rejuvenation.
I want my scars gone.
I want no trace of my past to remain.
I want to he healthy...whole...happy.
I want no habits, hang-ups or fears.
I am tired of feeling like a failure.
I am ready to taste success.
Please come and heal my heart.
For once and for all, every part.
Please be my strength when I am weak.
And give me the strength to trust.
I put too much weight on the things that hurt.
I focus too much on the long road ahead.
I quickly forget all the mountains I've climbed.
I am born to fight. Conquer. Win.
No more pity parties.
It's time to move on.
The battle is on.
My invisible foe must die.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


And no one could
The way they would
If I were good

I'm broken down.
Knocked to the ground.
I just may drown
If I'm not found

Am I so bad?
I'm often sad.
Such flaws to add.
I've never had

And no one sees
All that is me.
It hurts deeply
To fail to be

You try to hide.
But I have eyes.
Have I not tried

I'll do my best
To pass your test
It hurts my chest;
I've not progressed

To own your dreams,
Be all that gleams,
And never see
That I don't seem

One day I'll fly
Up to the sky
Where by and by
I will have cried

And I'll just be
Just simply me.
It will be glee
To finally be