Friday, April 15, 2011

'Til Answers Become Clear

God, You know the ache within my soul.
Come and heal my body.
Restore my heart to whole.
This burning pain feels like it’s here to last.
But you have promised
You can bring beauty out of ash.

I’ve asked and asked a million times, “God, Why?!”
But You are causing peace to grow,
And soon these tears will dry.
I know I cannot live my life in fear.
I will choose to rest in You,
‘Til answers become clear.

Father, I reach up with open arms,
Knowing You’re the only One
Who’d never do me harm.
Your gentle presence now is all around.
I sense your hand upon my heart.
What’s lost will soon be found.

I lay this heavy burden at Your feet.
I know that I am not alone,
Lord, You are holding me.
Please, bring me to renewed serenity.
Though understanding I have not,
I’ve Your surpassing Peace.