Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Mission Statement

I will not accept spiritual attack.
I will foster neither anger nor resentment.
I will not allow myself to hold any grudges.
I will leave the past in the past.
I refute attacks on my self-confidence.
I will not be defensive.
I will not build walls, nor retreat in fear.
I will not overreact, nor allow myself to be overly emotional.
I reject Satan's attacks and lies. My God is stronger.
I rebuke worry about finance and survival.
I disclaim the lie that I am unlovable.
I embrace faith and peace.
I will open my arms to God and all of His love.
I will live in a constant state of graciousness and contentment.
I will strive to be continually better.
I will purpose to be strong and immovable, through Him.
I will reject any thoughts of not being good enough.
I will be, can be and am loved.
I will thank God every day for life.
I will praise Him each moment for all of my blessings.
I embrace today, and find value in each moment.
I will search for opportunities to be kind.
I am Jesus, through the eyes of the those I encounter.
I will not lose sight of the beauty in that fact.
I will give with intensity and passion.
I will allow myself to open-heartedly receive.
I will live in a constant state of awareness.
I welcome His Spirit into every dark corner of me.
I am a well full of God, and love is my outlet.
I am excited about the future, because it is beautiful, and blissfully blessed.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Innocent child with dreams so big.
Eyes widened by the world.
A heartache flood, it grew her up.
I lost that little girl.
And then you came and took away
The walls I'd built 'round hope.
I'm falling up into the sky.
I'm learning to let go...

To love and live
And take and give
To hope and dream
And know and be

In human form, love's not the norm
At least not like I know
It's meant to be, so perfectly,
So unconditional.
Back then I felt the future, but
I lost faith for a song.
When He made you, my dreams came true.
I knew that all along...

We'd love and live
And take and give
We'd hope and dream
And know and be

You're teaching me some deeper things
That I've known all along.
You're showing me so lovingly.
You're soft, but very strong.
You're all the proof I'll ever need
That true love does exist.
I'm soaring now. You've taught me how.
And all I need is this...

To love and live
And take and give
To hope and dream
And know and be

Monday, October 20, 2008

"A Mighty Storm"

They say big waves cannot sink a boat
With sails unwavering, faith keeps it afloat.
But I guess I am lacking once again;
A mighty storm intimidates and I cannot swim.
I can't see out. Darkness does enshroud.
Soaked to the bone, monstrous waves surround.
So I cry out through the howling wind,
"Come now, Savior and rescue me again!
Guide me to Peace..."

I feel suddenly that the storm will pass.
I know with certainty I'll see the sun at last.
Trusting, knowing, You're all that You say.
Peace is coming. It's not far away.
And when I awake to a glorious morn,
When no threat pursues, and calm is reborn;
I will look up and thank You for the rain,
For Your grace shines brighter after pain.
I feel Your Peace...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Free Fall"

You put up with
Walls that I give.
You don't run away.
You don't deserve
This life, those words.
I can't make things change.
I want to grant
More than I am;
More than you give to me.
I want not to
Run, save to you.
I just can't break free.
I am tied to
All the lies you
Won't let you believe.
I want to let go,
Fall into you,
But these fears won't leave!
Don't let me run.
When will you come
And rescue my heart?
Now is crazy.
Then is hazy.
I've so many scars.
I can't expect.
You're not perfect.
This is no fairy tale.
You accost me,
I've no reprieve.
I just fade to gray.
Be my white knight
Please, let's not fight.
I'm too weak to try.
It's been so long
Since I have sung.
I'm too numb to cry.
Bring back laughter,
Happily ever after,
And all the dreams that fell.
Do I ask too much?
Am I out of touch?
You know me very well.
Am I too broken
To ever move on
And live a life of love?
Please be strong now.
I know you know how.
Be all that I've dreamed of.
I'll come around.
I will be found
Where you saw me last.
Please be patient,
Solid, intent,
With compassion vast.
I need your softness
Tender caress
Come cradle my heart
And I will drop walls
Run and free fall
Right into your arms.