Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reconstruct My Soul

I have no one to lean on
No one
To call my own
I have nobody waiting
No one
When I get home

And this emptiness of which I sing
Was written down in ink, by me.

I wake up in the morning
And strive to find the will
To find a smile
I go about my busy life
Missing being missed
All the while

And the blessings pass me by,
Cuz’ I cannot see with tears in my eyes.

Can you heal this broken heart?
Can you make me feel more whole?
Can you save me from myself?
Can you reconstruct my soul?

When yesterday is all one has
It is easy to wish today
I want nothing more than to restore
My dreams
And embrace today because I know
Where it leads.
I want to believe…

But if tomorrow never comes,
Will I wake up old and numb, unloved?

Will you change my point of view?
Will you cause this pain to go?
Will you fill me up with You?
Will you reconstruct my soul?

I know this life is often
I know that no one really
But deep within the confines I
Have built
I have only my selfishness
And guilt

I am feeling not so strong
But you’ve been there all along?
Haven’t you?

Jesus, you are strong enough
So I’m giving you control
I will find my peace in this
You will reconstruct my soul.