Saturday, February 24, 2007

"No Climbing This"

Okay, I’ll say it…

I have nothing to lose.

I’ll finally face it…

I’m still in love with you.

Today the sky was

Very far from blue,

But all the rain does not

Wash my heart of you.

I remember

Sunny, summer days.

I gazed upon you,

And watched you look away.

I never listened

To what you had to say.

I only hear what

I want to anyway.

You were more than

Anything I’d dreamed.

With all your walls you

Still broke right into me.

And I can’t face the

Fact that there’s no hope.

I think I’d climb up,

If you’d just throw a rope.

Now day is dawning,

And I can see your face.

You lack desire;

It left without a trace.

And so, from down here,

I look up at your cliffs,

And realize that

There is no climbing this.

Don’t you worry…

You’ll never be alone.

And in my heart you

Will always have a home.

I hope that someday

You’ll wake up to a smile,

But just remember

I’ve loved you all the while.

It’s not deleted

Cuz’ I don’t feel it back.

I will not force it,

Nor make up for what you lack.

I’ll just remember

Everything I’ve learned.

You gave me so much,

But for much more I yearned.

Please remember me…

Do not take this as a plea…

When you find the time to feel…

Please just know my love was real.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

"In God's Hands"

Time heals all wounds

Or so it's been told

It’s not been too long

Since our love grew cold

And I realized

That you could not give

And it dawned on me

That I want to live

And love without walls

So freely and true

In short, so must different

Than it was with you

All of my dreams

Will come true in time

While you are stuck in

Your lonely resign

You may go have fun

But it’s all empty

And all of the while

You’re stuck missing me

And you will deny

But deep down you know

That you’ll never find

A love that’s more whole

And so while I’m healing

And praying for yours,

I sadly know you are

Embracing your scars

And using excuses

To act like a fool

And run far away from

The life meant for you

I hate to be so harsh

And put it like this

But sadly I know that

This was not your wish

It’s just what your fear

Made you finally decide

And so while I’m healing

You’re aching inside.

I’m too tired of it all

To reflect or try,

And so I have let go.

In God’s hands you lie.