Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I Choose You"

Key of C major
MG for RA

"Soul mates" that's what we say, Love,
But I don't know if forever is enough.
I choose. I choose you, love.
I choose. I choose you, love.

All the past fades when I'm in your arms.
It's your soul, your depth, your charm.
I choose. I choose you, love.
I choose. I choose you, love.

I don't know why I waited so long to come.
I don't know where I was before falling home.

I choose you, love.
I choose you, love.


I don't know why I waited so long to come.
I don't know where I was before falling home.

I choose. I choose you, love.
I choose. I choose you, love.

I choose you, love.
I choose you, love.

Saturday, September 13, 2008



If there is any chance
You could walk away
After we have danced,
Seen and swooned and swayed;

If looking in my eyes
Is not all you need,
I will believe not lies
That lead my heart to bleed.

I'll hear beyond the words,
And see beyond the dream,
And let the actions speak,
And let inaction scream.

And if my children are
A competition in
That selfish mind of yours,
Then no one really wins.

Everybody loses
When nobody believes.
God's knowledge is far greater
Than what you think you need.

He knows how to fulfill you,
And me and them at once,
Surprise us all with blessings,
Leaving fears undone!

How could there be a chance
That you would walk away?
If He's Who guides the journey,
Then He's why you should stay.

Your faith in me is lacking.
It's causing me to doubt.
I tempts to thwart the chance of
At long last finding out.

But I will accept peace now.
Just now I feel it too.
I do not know the future.
"Maybe" will have to do.

I need reprieve....

I am aching and broken.
I feel alone. Scared. Tired. Overwhelmed.
Why does life have to be so hard?
Why can't You just come and take me away?
Or bring me joy and peace
that never fades?
I am a little mad at You.
But I know I should only be mad
at myself.
I am foolish. Unwise.
Selfish. Immature.
I make bad choices sometimes,
and then expect You to swoop in
and fix them.
I yearn to feel loved,
Yet I push everyone away.
Isn't there anyone on earth
Who can and will love me deeply,
In spite of me???
Do I deserve to be alone?
Am I to suffer Hell on earth
As atonement for the sins of my past?
I want to have a happy, whole family...
But it's already broken.
I am unwhole.
I can't stop crying....
Where did these tears come from,
And why can't I turn them off?
I am crying out for
a miracle!
And God, if it's not too much to ask,
Please send me a financial miracle too.
I know I have no one to blame but myself,
But I need help out of this hole.
I am desperate.
It's been so long since I've cried,
I just can't stop.
I want to run away... to hide...
I want to be held and loved...
I need reprieve.
Jesus, PLEASE come to me.
Please hold my heart.
Please fix everything.
Please help.
I need you.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"What Ifs"

"What Ifs"

I want to build a life with you,
A life that's strong and sound,
But all this lonely wanting only
Spins us round and round.
The "If" I will and "when" I will
And "Can I" and "I will" 's
Just make this fated journey
Only all the more uphill.
There's far greater than meets the eye
Or ear or touch or all
That could detour from passion
And the caution makes us stall.
I want to taste and touch and know
All that I feel within,
But fear ignites the urge to run
And deem this all a sin.
But what if once love could be true
And more real than my fears?
Then wouldn't it be worth the risk
To blot out all these years
That I have wasted on "what ifs"
And at last finally know
That I am meant for one and one is
Meant to true love show?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

"Circular Flight Patterns"


Endless we go round and round.
We never seem to touch the ground.
Flying so fast makes my head spin.
I catch my breath; we reel again!
Sweet misery in discovering
Just where I end and you begin.
Anguish of old marks this process.
I've suffered unnumbered losses.
But you should never have to pay
For former lives that triggered ache,
And left me to defend my walls,
Letting no soldier in at all.
Just waiting, hiding, wondering
If you would come and rescue me
With amorous, protective wings,
Clairvoyant love, and all those things;
And see right through my thin armor,
And hear not my defensive words,
Nor listen when I say, "I can't",
But kiss me when I start to rant.
And as we fly around again,
You never seem to let me win,
Nor sail away into the past
You hold me firm. You hold me fast.
You disallow me to retreat,
Conclude if I'll land on my feet,
Or lie and say that I don't care.
You know me well. You're everywhere
And high above the land below,
I'm knowing I'm about to know
How set apart we truly are
Despite the past. Despite the scars.
I do get scared of falling, though,
But I can't fear the great unknown.
For if I choose to not look down,
I think we'll stop this round & round
And forward fly, against the odds
Into the realms of Love and God.
And then this finding out will be
A not unpleasant reverie.