Thursday, February 23, 2017

Love called you away....

It was Love that brought you to us,
All too soon Love called you away.
We will waste no time with "Why?"
There's nothing left here but Faith.

How can we whisper goodbye,
When we never even got to see your face?
How we wish we could have held you tight!
Now you're cradled; warm in Mercy's embrace.

You're an Angel with soft, brand new wings.
You are Home, where pain cannot touch.
We want you to know, precious little one,
We love you. We love you very much.

Holy Father, kiss our baby for us.
Let him know just how treasured he is.
On a day not too far we'll sing to him in our arms.
Endless thanks, God, for our cherished gift.

Monica Wagner • 2/27/17