Sunday, February 18, 2018

My Warrior Boys

I am raising Warriors. 

Now that my oldest child, my daughter, has graduated highschool and gone to college , I am left at home being mom to two really awesome, teenage boys.

For most of their lives, my two boys have been raised by a single mom (me).  This has not been easy, especially considering the fact that I am such a sensitive person. But I can see how God is using even my soft, yet tough personality to mold my boys.

Life has handed both of them hardships in their pasts. But they are such strong individuals. And I know that they are going to use those hardships to become wiser and stronger, someday.  I've no doubt, whatsoever.  The god-given characteristics that I am seeing in them, that I obviously cannot take credit for because they are not my own characteristics, just make me feel so at peace with the future that God has for them. I just know they are going to do great things for this world.

I definitely believe in the power of women. I am a very, very strong one. And also a very sensitive one. But, I also believe in the power of men!  And I do not believe that there needs to be some sort of competition between the two. I feel that men and women need to acknowledge each other's strengths and weaknesses, and encourage them!

I have definitely noticed a difference between boys and girls in my relationship with my boys. They're each a little bit different from each other, too... Okay, a lot different.  But they are also completely different than I am!  All of us appreciate the differences in the dynamic that we have, and that is why I truly believe that there does not need to be segregation between male and female to the point where one needs to be demonized. They are such beautiful people. I don't even know what in the world I would do without my precious boys! I can't even tell you how many times they have been there for me when I was low, and my protectors when I was weak. And they probably would say the exact same thing about me.

I know that God is helping me raise these boys to be strong.  I am so very thankful for God's leadership in my parenting of them!  I would never be able to do it without Him.  Look out world, they're going to do really great things. You just watch.

If you are a mom of boys, consider yourself extremely blessed. You have an opportunity to show them how to be empathetic, while still being the men that they are. You have an opportunity to make this world a better place in the way that you raise your boys.  My suggestion to you when times get tough with them, as they will, I guarantee you... keep being you while continuing to encourage them to be who they are, as well. Never take that away from them!  Then, they will be able to see the full picture, and be better Warriors in this world.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Shift

I, and many of you, are noticing that many of us are experiencing a spiritual shift right now. Some of you are seeing it and some of you are actually feeling it within yourselves.  I have been feeling it within myself, and want to talk about it for a minute, to encourage you on this journey and let you know you are not alone.

When the shift begins to happen within you, you might face some opposition, both from outside sources and from within yourself. Historically, change doesn't come about without resistance.  So, if the change that you see growing within you is a good thing, then I would just suggest that you try to feel encouraged when you encounter resistance!  That means that you are on the right path.

It is super important for you to be covered in prayer. You don't necessarily need to acquire it from outside sources (though it definitely helps), unless you are not able to pray, yourself. But all of us have the ability to pray, if we can just get past our walls, insecurities and faithlessness.  Reach out to your Creator, speaking to Him directly; asking for His covering, protection and enlightenment.  We can do this for ourselves AND we can do this for others. This is the best gift that we can give to anyone, including ourselves.

As you shift, you will notice that everything changes, from your desires, to your interests, to your entire way of thinking.  When you see this happen it will either make you feel excited or afraid. Don't be afraid of the unknown.  God is doing a good work in you, and he will be faithful to complete it.  This is a promise that he has made to us in Scripture.  It is written upon our hearts.

Listen carefully to His voice. You will know God's voice when you hear it within your being.  It is not something that you typically hear with your ears, and it is not something that mirrors your normal emotions, thoughts or feelings.  It is much stronger. And God's voice will never ask of you things that are not morally right. The shift that you experience with God will only cause you to want to do good, and to spread that good to others.

Be aware. Be aware of the things of this world and also the things of Eternity, and find your ability to discern between the two.  Put your focus on the things of God, not on the things of this world.  If you do this, you will begin to feel a deep sense of inner peace that no words can describe.  When you sense this, you will know you are on the right path.

God's way is the only way, IF what your heart of hearts wants is to have ETERNAL success.  Best wishes on your journey!!!  This is a very exciting time.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Be a Blessing

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
- Galatians 6:9

Don't give up.  It is easy to become tired of doing good when we are doing good solely for the response that we wish to receive.  But if we do good without any expectation, and we do it solely for the sake of being a blessing, it's not as easy to become tired of it.

Doing good is addictive. I talk a lot about the mind and the power of thought. When we do good for others, it gives our minds an actual scientifically proven physical reaction. The serotonin pings in our brain remind us that we feel good when we do good for others.  This is the reason that giving truly does feel better than receiving.  If you find yourself in a place where you are doing most of the giving, then be grateful! Because you are not only blessing the other person, you are actually blessing yourself, as well.  Don't stop!

Kindness is contagious.  Selfishness is not.  Both are a choice.  Most people do not set out to be selfish.  Most have good intentions, initially.  Choice comes into play with doing good works when your good works become expected and/or taken for granted.  It can become harder to give when you realize you are giving to a taker.  This is not to say that you should not give to someone who is not grateful, it is just to remind you that their gratitude is not the point. Your kindness will catch on.  You WILL see the fruits of your actions when you give, even if it takes more time then you wish for it to.  Not that that is the point... just sayin'.

Observe your good works.  Find something genuinely nice to say to the grouchy person ahead of you in line, and observe how you both feel, afterwards.  Give a homeless man a sandwich and some encouraging words and observe how you both feel.  Give your spouse a random hug and kiss and observe how you both feel.  Serve a snack to your child and ask them about their day and observe how you both feel.  Call a friend and ask how they are doing (and really listen to them) and observe how you both feel.  Compliment a stranger and give them a genuine smile and observe how you both feel.  Most times, both parties will feel very positive things.  And if one of the parties does not, chances are the other party does. So you have a 50-50 chance of making someone feel really good today, even if it is just you.

Speak life!  Random acts of kindness are on the rise.  You are not the only one.  Be an intrigal part of the kindness movement.  Practicing the "Golden Rule" makes this world a happier place to be, for you, and for others.  Be a blessing today, in some small way.  It will be worth it.  Know that your actions DO make an impact on this world.  Be a blessing.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Just. Be.

I am re-posting this song I wrote years ago as a reminder to myself, but also to encourage YOU.  There's nothing I or anyone can do to bring about deep peace within ourselves.  The answer is not in the "doing".

Just be.

You are enough.


"Just Be"

mg ~ 5/9/14

I don’t need to be right.

I don’t need to understood.

I don’t need to be heard.

I don’t need to be eloquent.

I just need to be.

I just need to be.

I don’t need to be happy.

I don’t need to be deep.

I don’t need to be everything,

Or anything, really...

I just need to be.

I just need to be.

I just wanna live.

I just wanna love.

I just wanna breathe.

I just need to be.

Sometimes I feel the need

To try too hard to be

What I already am...


I don’t need to be loved.

I don’t need to be strong.

I don’t need to be smart.

Or sing all the right songs.

All I wanna do

Is love you just for you.

And love me just for me.

I just need to be.

I just wanna live.

I just wanna love.

I just wanna breathe.

I just need to be.

Sometimes I feel the need

To try too hard to be

What I already am...


Just be.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Money and Madness

I am writing this while contemplating the fact that money seems to drive everything in today's culture.  We need it to survive, but it can easily become "god-like", to any one of us.  There's too fine a line between want and need, these days.  But, when it is earned, it is owed.  That brings me to the point of this post.

I think of my father, who has been a pastor for a very small church for decades, and has received a very small amount of pay for many years.  He serves God and his country, both previously in the military, and now as a law enforcement Chaplain and a Pastor.  My Dad is a selfless Patriot.  He chose his current profession because God called him to be a helper. 

He served in Korea as an M.P. in the Army around 1968/69 when "Agent Orange" was present. He was exposed to it. He has had a multitude of health issues, including diabetes, severe asthma, and multiple heart attacks with pursuant surgeries that were extremely life threatening.  All but one of his comrades have died because of this deadly chemical exposure, which was required of them by their service to the U.S. government during that time.  He has yet to receive ANY veteran pay or commendation for his duties, at the age of 70.  He filed for V.A. pay many years ago, but keeps getting lost in their shuffle of paperwork and excuses.

This is so disheartening.  I feel like our priorities in this country are completely out of whack.  My father earned his pay as a Veteran but is not receiving any of it due to "lack of interest" in humanity.

Agendas have become more important than people. Money has become more important than morals.  We need to value mankind.  We should value and adequately reward our Veterans.  Something must be done.  It starts with us.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Focus on the Good

A couple of days ago, I was praying to God and asking Him how come He doesn't just nuke this whole entire world. It is so bad!  There are so many people who desire to do evil!  It is disheartening to me, so I can only imagine how disheartening it is to our Creator to see the choices and actions of mankind, and all of the destruction that results.  He spoke back to my heart, instantly.

When I said, "The world is bad", He said, "No.  It is not.  It is good." ... This was not what I was expecting to hear from Him. Then He said to me, "There is so much good.  Even more good than there is bad. It is just harder to see. You need to focus on the good. You need to look for it."


God really thinks the world is good?!?!  He still has Hope in us?  If He sees it this way, then I must, too.

I have become aware that conscious thought is necessary. I need to choose to dwell on the good and not on the bad. The bad can seem so much larger, because the good is not in our faces everyday.

I believe that we can train our minds and create a conscious shift. If we acknowledge the good when it happens and choose to open our thoughts to it, then, close our thoughts to any of the negative... if we do this on a consistent basis, change can happen in us.  And if change happens in us, change can happen in ALL of us! 

Let's shift our thoughts and change our world.

Focus on the good.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hold on to Hope

What does one do when they have all the internal tools for change, but zero hope? The Logical answer would be that it does not matter how you feel, if you have the psychological tools.  But that logical answer discounts the fact that feelings DO matter.  Feelings matter a great deal.  Feelings affect everything.  And without hope, there isn't much spark to the fuse to action.

There are a lot of things in this world that take away our hope.  We see them on a daily basis. From the news, to daily life, to how we see people completely disregard other people so easily, and seemingly without conscience. In these daily instances and interactions, our hope is diminished. This, consequently, diminishes our will to act.

So, what if we DO have the tools, but we do not have the will or the emotional strength required to use them?  I believe that this is one of the number one tools the enemy uses to cause us to be numb and complacent and defeated. He loves to take away our hope and see us fail.

In my personal life, there are things that have completely depleted my sense of ability to possess hope. I have lost nearly everything this past year, and I'm still facing some giant obstacles and trials ahead. In my human weakness, I really don't see a lot of hope. But then I have to ask myself, what is hope, and where does it come from?

The spiritual definition of Hope is: the trusting expectation that God will keep His word.  If I believe in God, and I believe that His word is true, then I must believe that there is hope!

Belief is a choice, therefore, Hope is a choice. This is a statement that I do not make easily. I am a very emotional person.  What I feel impacts my life on a very deep level. It is hard for me to make choices in spite of feelings.  But this is something that God is showing me that I need to truly work on in order to have the best quality of life. I need to acknowledge that hope is a choice, that hope is a gift, and that hope is always there for me, as long as I choose to reach out and grab it.

Nothing in this world has ever been accomplished without hope. Hold on to it. And if you don't have it, choose it.  Your life will transform. I truly believe this with all of my heart, and will be reporting back to you on my own results.

When nothing seems to be going your way, and when you feel that you are up against the mightiest mountain, hold on and press forward!!!! Hold on to Hope.  If you have nothing to begin with, then you have nothing to lose. Hope will get us through to the Finish Line.