Friday, June 23, 2006

"I Choose You"

I choose you

You choose me

We choose love

And we are free

I’m not afraid.

I’m not alone.

I do feel like

My heart is home.

And though some trials

May come our way,

We’ll endure night

And find the day.

Holding hands,

We are a team.

This kind of love

Seems like a dream.

But I have faith

In things unknown.

I choose to stay.

I will not go.

I want you, Love.

I need you, too.

I’ll push past fear

And trust in you.

And in my heart,

I know we’ll last.

I choose the future

Despite the past.

When we’re apart,

I miss you, hun.

You’re in my thoughts

Night and day long.

My heart is yours.

I love you so

You’ve chosen me,

I choose you, Joe.


Decisions often make themselves,

Although we try to fight.

We make our minds up stubbornly,

And force ourselves to try

To let go or to hang on

Or to control our fate.

But Someone else has bigger plans.

All we can do is wait.

Sure, we can get in the way

And choose to ignore signs,

But in the end, all will be known,

And we will see the light.

And so I choose to let Him lead

And not to force my will.

He’s far better at being God

Than me, so I’ll be still.

Sometimes I don’t understand

Why He allows the pain

Until the wound has healed and I

Feel sunshine after rain.

The growing process isn’t fun.

The end result is worth

All the times I humbly chose

To put His power first.

I could choose the easy route.

Instead, I choose to wait

Upon the Lord, who’s ultimately

In control of fate.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I miss you,

Even though I see you every day.

I tell you.

There are so many love words left to say.

You call me,

And silently sometimes we simply feel.

You made me

Let you in and fall in love for real.

I pray, Love,

Eternity is what we’ve found this time.

I try hard

To let go of the past and start to climb.

I’ll let go

Of all the fears that cause reluctancy.

Please hold me.

Please shelter this, and don’t let go of me.

I love you

For all the reasons you think I should not.

I choose you.

You are the one I need. The one I want.


Is what we have to stand the test of time.


Is what I see when I look in your eyes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Is it really possible to love me?
Am I really everything you want?
Do you really know what you got into?
Do you really miss me when I'm gone?
All my fears come rushing to the surface
When you tell me things you don't mean to.
I always hear much more than you are saying.
Why am I so scared of losing you?

I hope I don't do the thing I'm known for...
Fall in love, then sabbotage it all,
Just to rush into the inevitable.
Why am I so petrified to fall?
Please hold me close through the trials.
When I pull away, please hold me here.
Something deep inside tells me you're strong enough
To love me and obliterate my fear.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I’ve taken the plunge.

I’ve taken a risk.

And said, “Yes, I want to be yours.”

I’ve never felt quite

As frightened as this,

And never wanted anything more.

A long time ago

You came in my life,

And you stole this mistrusting heart.

But not until now

Did I look in your eyes

And see I had love from the start.

We were just friends

With walls up and fears.

I never thought I’d see the day

You’d pull me close

And gaze into me,

And choose to let fears melt away.

There was always friendship,

There was always love,

But not until now could I sing

Songs of commitment

And choosing to trust;

Songs of the joy your love brings.

So here’s to a new start

With us hand in hand

Walking down roads so unknown.

I am excited

To journey with you.

I feel like my heart has found ‘home’.

Friday, June 09, 2006

"This Love"

I loved you

With everything I was

I waited

For you to fall in love

When you fell and opened up

The thing that shocked me most

Was your heart was closed

That’s what you chose.

I loved you

I think I always will

But this road

Is only uphill

And you won’t climb with me, Love,

I’m on my own and I’m not strong enough

You didn’t take my hand

You didn’t believe in…

This love.


Hurt is all that holds me.
I choose now to release
You into the arms of
Your selfish sanctity.
My heart is not a toy,
So save your heartless games.
I don’t know how to play them,
For 'open' is my name.
I exercise my option
To shut the door on this.
Though you’ll, I’m sure, deny it,
It was more than a kiss.
All that you have done has
Represented whom
I do not want to love now.
You have painted you
In my mind as someone
Whom I could never trust.
Fuck rationalizations,
Love should supercede lust!
And all of your cold actions
Have shown your love to be
A fallible fa├žade and
Now just a memory.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

"The Leaf"

I saw a fragile leaf

It lay on the ground, alone.

It was dry and brown and fragile.

I looked at it and did not see something dead…

I saw beauty,

I knew that it had once possessed life.

It had been through the cycle, and died.

I decided to hold it between my fingertips,

And gazed at it for a while,

Reminiscing of the feeling

Of being once alive.

I decided to burn it.

I held the stem and lit the tip of the leaf…

It did not burn easily,

As if there was a stubborn will within it

To remain.

It finally burned, all the way down to my fingertips.

I watched the ashes float away in the night breeze,

Carrying with them all memory of its existence.

The heat faded, and the smoke drifted,

And then there was nothing.

It was gone.

I reflected.

I equated the leaf to the heart.

It can go from being so full and alive,

New and fresh and growing,

To being withered by the weather

And forgotten by all.

Dry, ugly, and alone.

But once in a while,

Someone, somewhere, will see beauty,

Even in it’s dried up state,

And want to hold it.

But if that someone decides to burn it,

It is, at that point, too fragile to withstand the flame….

And it will wither

And be forever gone.

A heart can only take so much

Before it dies.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Fallen Down"

Fallen down I know I’m bigger

Than the girl I used to be

Standing tall and feeling mighty.

I am valiant on my knees.

Vantage points seem to be changing.

Nothing feels the same at all

As imagined before climbing

Out of ruts that made me fall.

I can never let myself be

Who I was when I was me.

My goal is to blacken the dreams

That keep me from being free.

You are all I’m wanting these days.

Other things have faded out.

On my knees I’m so in love, Lord,

The kind of love this life’s about.

Deliverance is what I am seeking.

Other loves seem to distract

From the purpose I was destined

To fulfill. God, take me back

To the place I know I’m wanted;

To the place inside of me.

Where it’s only You and I, Lord.

That’s the Love that sets me free.

Praying now for closure and for

Inspiration to proceed.

I am broken but I’m joyful.

Maybe now You can use me.