Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Ammicable Farewell

“Once Upon a Dream”

I’m so far from angry;
I’m peaceful; unfraid,
Nor am I grieved it ended.
I’m thankful that we gave
The best shot we could give to “us”
And give our all we did.
The stars did not align for us,
With distance and with kids
At forefront of our parting words,
And weighing on our minds.
In the end, it’s different things
We’re wanting out of life.
I don’t fault you for leaving.
Nor did I want to stay
In a relationship that was
So miles and miles away.
And not just geographically,
But ultimately, now
We’ve seen that we are out of sync,
And gracefully bowed out.
I do love and miss you, friend,
Our memories do gleam.
Please, know that I’ll remember you
Once upon a dream.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Embrace Silence"

I always say too much
My heart seeps from my mouth
I try to open up
But then it just heads south
And when I embrace silence
My life is easier
But walls feel like such violence
So I don't care who hears
And then the truth does hurt me
Just how it always has
My words come back to haunt me
And I'm stuck in the past
If I were only normal
With no heart on my sleeve
I'd lock my lips forever
And throw away the key.
But sadly I will wander
With out a soul to tell
Who won't use my heart against me
Because they know it so well.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

"The Volcano"

I have always loved Volcanoes...
Drawn by their power and lethal beauty,
I have admired them from afar.
To watch the suddenness of their eruptions,
The unexpected fury with which they indefinitely,
Surely and without mercy melt everything
Which dares to cross the path of their molten rock.
So lovely, the way that lava flows and glows,
So ugly, the way it kills and devours.
The Volcano did intrigue me, and beckon to me.
I've explored dormant Volcanoes before...
Gathered knowledge about them, and enjoyed
Learning how they operated.
I even became aware of their warning signs.
I took pride in the fact that their pyroclastic clouds
Were neither strong, nor fast enough to engulf me.
I almost dared them to, wanting to find a force
Stronger than myself, mighty enough to melt me.
Never did I imagine that I would fall victim to one,
Not me, the one who was such a lover of this natural beauty,
Disregarding the warning in those destructive ways....
Not me, one who was so impenetrable and strong.
But now I understand what he is:
A natural disaster!
Leaving ache in his wake...
Death in his path...
Burn wounds that may be visible for centuries.
I was almost caught in his undertow,
But I have always known supernatural strength.
I waded for a while, and almost fell under,
But at last, as if awakening from a dream,
I gathered my will, and leaped out!
I did not look back.
Beautiful, calling to me, pleading, promising....
But I did not look back. I wandered for days
Into the great unknown,
Unaware of my future,
Not sure how to get home.
He kept calling to me, trying to convince me
That my love had caused him to evolve...
That he was no longer a volcano,
Just a peaceful mountain.
I kept running in my own direction. I remembered.
I chose wisdom over his swooning words.
He fought loudly, then silently, then softly for my return.
Ultimately, his volcanic pride began to build,
And steam arose from the cracks.
Though he tried in new and creative ways,
The volcano was unable to burn me again.
His molten fingers could not touch me.
I was much too far away.
And just then, in that precious moment of epiphany,
I looked ahead...
The haze had dissolved before me,
and I could see so clearly!
I had found my way home,
Safely, at last,
To the welcoming arms
Of solitude.