Saturday, June 21, 2008

A new song in D minor....

"Unrequited Love"
June 21, 2008

Some say jaded; I’m numb.
I do yearn to fall in love.
Fragmented memories & fairytales
Are all my dreams consist of.

Is my hard heart shattered
Beyond the point of all repair?
Will anybody shove these walls
Until there are no walls there?

This love so unrequited
Will not leave me alone.
Ever so uninvited,
For it has not a home.

Wanting desperately in earnest,
In all honesty, to find
The twin soul who deserves this
Love that’s one of a kind.

Many suitors have fallen
I could pave a road with hearts
I have rendered feeble; broken
By my callous battle scars.

One cannot fight a stubborn heart
Or risk defeat if forfeit precludes
Any further war wounds be born
Immovable, I cannot lose.

But I fear that this is sabotage.
I am utterly alone.
Barriers do not merely protect
They keep soldiers from coming home.

Do you see my deep conflict?
Words cannot describe at all!
Wanting desperately to give and to receive the gift of love,
But I cannot…… fall.